Our earphones are packed in welded closed plastic bags, giving a guarantee first use.


Our headphones are „disposable” only by convention. Their durability is planned for a shorter period of time than for expensive earphones. This does not mean though that they are of insufficient quality. We guarantee quality at a level below 2% of waste per series. In practice, however, our earphone packages are 100% free from defects.


We know how important are economic considerations in the situation where earphones are intended for use by 1 person for a short period of time. Therefore, we have reduced costs to the necessary minimum.


In the event of a minimum order of 50,000 pieces, it is possible choose the colour of the earphones, the printing on the bags and changing other parameters of the earphones.


Technical specifications

Driver Unit: 15 mm
Connector: 3.5 mm
Cable length: ~ 100 cm
Type: 1-ear earphone
Color: red


1k (moq) – 336 EUR
10k and more – ask please


each earphone packed into sealed small plastic bag
100 pcs packed into a plastic bag
10 plastic bags per 1 carto – 1000 pcs total

Guaranteed quality – min. 98% of good earphones after opening.


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